Stabler Family Land

Not all of the land on which the new campus was going to be built was already owned by the state. One parcel was owned by the Stabler Family, 13 acres along Walker Avenue approximately where the Library & Gallery is now situated. The State acquired the land in 1965 through an Option Contract. The letter from Albert P. Backhaus, Director of the Department of Public Improvements for the State Department of Public Works, sent the signed Option to Edmund Stabler.
Edmund Stabler (1847-1905) became superintendent of the Baltimore Manual Labor School in 1884, and upon his retirement in 1904 the board of the school gave Stabler 13 acres of land along Walker Avenue, including the home in which he, his wife, and their six children had been living. Albin Kuhn and his family later moved into the house while Kuhn supervised the building the new campus.