Aerial Views

Aerial photographs of campus have been made periodically throughout UMBC’s history. The 1969 view shows various ongoing construction projects, including the first dormitories (slightly above and left of center), the Physical Plant building (now the Public Safety Building) along Hilltop Circle (then called "The Loop," which was only half finished), and the beginnings of site preparation where the Administration Building would be built. Along the top of the photograph may be seen I-95 under construction as well as its intersection with Rt. 166 at the top right. Kuhn recognized that having the interchange would be critical for UMBC, so he approached Governor Tawes in 1966 and asked for the interchange to be put into the I-95 plans. When Tawes asked John B. Funk, Chairman of the Maryland State Roads Commission, to make the change, Funk resisted by saying: "We’re just about done, we don’t want any more projects." Tawes replied: "You’re going to have to put one in to have access to UMBC."

The 1975 aerial shows the completed "Loop Road" (now called Hilltop Circle) and Susquehanna Hall (1970) and the first phase of Patapsco Hall (1972). Yet to be constructed was the second wing of Patapsco Hall (1975?). Also shown in the image is the original Police building, a small building between the East Wing of the Library (1975) and Susquehanna Hall. The Police building was constructed with a $300,000 grant under the leadership of Robert Neilson, Director of Public Safety.