Sharing the Past, Building the Future—UMBC at 50

Essays and Captions by
Tom Beck, Chief Curator, and Lindsey Loeper, Archivist

Exhibition Presented by Emily Hauver, Curator of Exhibitions

Online Exhibition by Susan Graham, Special Collections Librarian

The exhibition, publication, and online exhibit were made possible by the founders, pioneers, and those who came after them. We are grateful for support from the following: Philip Rous, Provost, for aiding the processing of the University Archives; John Jeffries, Dean Emeritus, for initiating the campus discussion of the 50th Anniversary celebration; 50th Anniversary Engagement Team for framing the celebration, supporting it, and producing it; Richard Byrne for his strong interest and support for the project; Margaret Re, Visual Arts, for her superb design and typography for the publication, title wall, and banner image; Robin Martin, Special Collections Library Services Technician, for research; Vin Grabill, Visual Arts, for the UMBC history video; Nichole Do, for research and selection of materials; Sarah Huston and Tucker Foltz for research; Laura Lafavor, alumna '13, for providing substantial assistance with researching and writing item captions; and Jeff Karr for processing many of the University Archives collections. Others who assisted in various ways include: Steve Ley, Athletics, Will Wiley, Julianne Simpson, Celso Guitain, Facilities Management; Tim Ford, Biological Sciences; Marylayna Demond and Jim Lord, Creative Services; Yashodhan Joshi, Riley Auer, Rashmi Fegade, and Jen Wachtel, Special Collections Student Assistants; and Ciera Earl, Sarah Marizan, and Steven Milano, Visual Arts students.

Special Thanks for the Online Exhibit: Lindsey Loeper, Special Collections Archivist; Sarah Huston, Special Collections Graduate Assistant; Sarah New, Web Services Librarian; Emily Hauver, Curator of Exhibitions; Margaret Re, Associate Professor, Visual Arts; Kerry Huller, Special Collections intern; and Rashmi Fegade and Yashodhan Joshi, Special Collections student assistants.

Where the sketch of the history is short on evidence, is inaccurate, or may lack names or correct dates, please assist us by sending the correct information to the University Archives at speccoll@umbc.edu. Ultimately, we hope that those who see the exhibition and/or online exhibit will be able to discern something of a vision of the future for UMBC. Indeed, past is prologue.