Student Government Association

S.G.A. Meeting, Fall 1971 by William Morganstern
S.G.A. Meeting, Fall 1971 by William Morganstern. University Photographs, UARC Photos 07-01-1919 to 1942. View larger

The first issue of the student newspaper in 1966 reported that the university would install a Student Government Association that would "provide for self-government under the jurisdiction of the university’s administrative and faculty personnel." The article set forth that the SGA would create the policies that governed the activities and welfare of students and advise the administration of the student viewpoint on matters affecting student life. The first step in creating the SGA was the formation of a Student Elections Board Committee, selected by the Student Life Office. Doug Gordon was elected by the student body as SGA president, in addition to Ken Walters, vice president; Barry Sugar, treasurer; and Margaret Masse, secretary.

In the April 1987 SGA election, Will Backstrom and Jerry Sadler won with 309 votes, a fifty-three vote margin over the closest runner-up. The Backstrom/Sadler campaign didn’t make any promises to students, which was a move that The Retriever Weekly reported was intentional as Sadler believed "previous SGA winners often made promises they didn't have the power to keep."

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