Building Views

Administration Building Under Construction
Administration Building Under Construction, Winter 1969. University Photographs, UARC Photos-07-02-0204. View larger

To the founding students and pioneers, UMBC must have seemed a large construction site. This photograph of the Administration Building under construction is viewed looking down what is now known as Academic Row.

View of the Education-Math Building and the Social Sciences Building
View of the Education-Math Building and the Social Sciences Building, 1973. University Photographs, UARC 1989-02-001. View larger

The Education-Math Building was constructed in 1968, and the Social Science Building was constructed in 1973, as was Gym II. These buildings are now known as Mathematics & Psychology Building, Janet and Walter Sondheim Hall, and the Retriever Activities Center.

Fine Arts Center by Baltimore Sun
Fine Arts Center by Baltimore Sun, 1975. Baltimore Sun Photographs, P2014-01-0083. View larger

The Fine Arts Building was originally intended to house a television studio, as well as the Departments of Music, Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Eventually English, Philosophy, Ancient Studies, and American Studies were located there. When the Performing Arts and Humanities Building was completed in 2014, many of the departments originally in Fine Arts moved to the new building; the Fine Arts Building underwent major renovation during 2014 to 2016, and the departments of History, Africana Studies, Gender & Women’s Studies, Judaic Studies, Global Studies, Religious Studies, Modern Languages, and Literature and Intercultural Communications moved into new spaces there. 

Hillcrest Building and Loop Road
Hillcrest Building and Loop Road, 1978. University Photographs, UARC Photos-13-0138. View larger

Although the silo may be the most recognized structure remaining from Spring Grove Hospital's occupancy of the land that now hosts UMBC, the Hillcrest Building was also built and used by Spring Grove. Hillcrest was built in 1921 specifically to house and rehabilitate criminally insane patients. All patients had been relocated in the Hospital by the time the land was transferred to the University of Maryland, and Hillcrest was included in the transfer. From 1966 to 2000, at one time or another the Hillcrest Building housed administrative offices, student organizations including the offices for fraternities and sororities, Residential Life, and a popular student lounge called the Rathskeller (the Ratt). As the building deteriorated, required asbestos removal, and other spaces like the University Center and the Commons were built, Hillcrest emptied out and was closed. It was demolished in 2007 despite some efforts on campus to preserve and restore the historic building.