Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park

Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park by Marlayna Demond
Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park by Marlayna Demond ‘11, Visual Arts, 2016. UMBC Creative Services, 50UMBC-067. View larger
Joseph Beuys Tree Partnership Program
Joseph Beuys Tree Partnership, April 4, 2001. University Publications, UPUB F5, 50UMBC-040. View full document

The Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park was established at UMBC in April 2001 as part of a Baltimore-wide tree-planting effort. Designer and project coordinator for the Fine Arts Gallery (now the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture) Renee van der Stelt developed a partnership with The Baltimore Museum of Art to "extend beyond the gallery walls [and] bring art to the people." The inspiration for the project and its namesake was a German avant-garde artist, Joseph Beuys, most well-known for his piece 7000 Oaks, which featured 7,000 planted oak trees with a stone next to each tree that eroded over time to nourish the soil. In Fall 2000, members of nearly two dozen organizations and community volunteers planted trees and placed rocks in Patterson Park, Wyman Park Dell, and Carroll Park. Thirty oak trees and stones on campus were dedicated at UMBC on April 10, 2001.

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Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park