Albin O. Kuhn
"Albin O. Kuhn" by Fabian Bachrach, ca. 1970. Photography Collections. View larger.

Dr. Albin O. Kuhn was UMBC's first president (then called chancellor). Dr. Kuhn was instrumental in the development of UMBC (an acronym used as early as 1965 and maybe earlier).  By spring 1964, Dr. Kuhn, then University of Maryland Executive Vice President, traveled to diverse campuses around the country aboard University of Maryland, Air Force ROTC flights piloted by officers needing to fulfill their flying time. Dr. Kuhn toured the campuses and energetically noted his findings and reactions as part of his brainstorming process for the nascent university. His thoughts were the ideal and basis of conceptualizing and planning UMBC.  At the helm of the new campus, Dr. Kuhn dealt with many of the university's early growing pains.

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