The first Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD) was held in 1997. The event showcases both original research and creative works by students, who have the opportunity to present through posters, oral presentations, performances, film, and more. URCAD emphasizes collaboration between students and mentors, and therefore only accepts projects that have been supported by a faculty mentor at UMBC. There are also Undergraduate Research Awards available, giving selected students up to $1,500 to complete their research. The annual URCAD event is usually held during the third or fourth week of April.

First Annual Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievement Day(URCAD) Program
First Annual Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievement Day (URCAD), April 30, 1997. University Publications, UPUB P12-101. View larger

The first URCAD featured work from students across all disciplines, from Ancient Studies and Social Work to Mechanical Engineering and Biochemistry. Presentations included an exhibit on the history of Cowdensville, a project on the experience of Alzheimer's caregivers, and research exploring wavelength modulation in bottlenose dolphin visual pigments