Pennant for Homecoming 2014, Retriever Fever


Pennant for Homecoming 2014, Retriever Fever


The first homecoming celebration at UMBC was held in February 1976, after several false starts in the years preceding. The 1976 event included the Almost Anything Goes tournament, where student organizations competed against each other for prizes; a club volleyball tournament; a pep rally; and a basketball game against the Towson Tigers. In the 40 years since, UMBC has revised and reconfigured the annual Homecoming events, changing the time of year and which sport to highlight as The Big Game - without a football team, this honor has been given to lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, and basketball, among others. Nowadays, Homecoming tends to include a festival on the Quad, alumni reunions with academic departments, a spirited 5k around the Loop, and the annual bonfire outside of the Library. This year homecoming will run from October 5th to 8th.


Institutional Advancement records, Collection 97


10/8/2014 to 10/11/2014


pennants; 8 1/2 x 25 in.





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