Name Change Questionnaire distributed to Faculty Senate Documents


Name Change Questionnaire distributed to Faculty Senate Documents


In September 1987, President Michael Hooker informally proposed three new names for UMBC: 1) Maryland State University; 2) Maryland State University and Technical Institute; and 3) Maryland Institute of Technology. The topic was later taken up by the Faculty Senate Committee on Statewide Reorganization and they distributed a name change questionnaire. The committee reported that of the 431 respondents, 96% thought another name was preferable, or at least acceptable. 90% thought another name was preferable. University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus received the majority of the votes, although the committee recommended University of Maryland Baltimore Campus of Arts, Sciences, and Technology (still shortened to UMBC). Ultimately, Chancellor Donald Langenberg decided to set aside the name change issue to focus on UMBC's fit and distinction within the University System of Maryland before defining the campus through a new name.

The name change debate arose again in 2010 in a Baltimore Sun editorial, which suggested some of President Hooker's original ideas such as Maryland State University and Maryland Institute of Technology, among others.


Hooker, Michael


President's office records, Collection 50




questionnaires; 8.5 x 11 in.





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