Spring Grove Site for U of MD Campus, The Sunpapers


Spring Grove Site for U of MD Campus, The Sunpapers


After a long process, with many different opinions expressed, the Board of Regents finally approved plans to build a University of Maryland branch on a 425 acre tract of mostly State-owned land near Catonsville in Baltimore County. An article in The Evening Sun newspaper announced the selection of Catonsville for the new campus site and specified that the tentative site plan shows a large parking lot…"

News of the selection of the Catonsville site for a new UM campus was covered by the Baltimore dailies as well as the local County newspapers. The Times, headquartered on Sulfur Spring Road in Arbutus, naturally covered more detail about the site and the rationale for the location of the campus. It reproduced a graphic that showing the campus having a business and public administration program which was never realized. Reasons for selecting the Catonsville site included: the site was adjacent to I-695 and not too far from College Park; it was large enough to allow for future development of the campus; the state already owned most of the land. The photograph shows a view from Hilltop Building looking toward the Spring Grove Farm. The road running right to left in front of the barns is Walker Avenue.


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