Alumni News, UMBC Alumni Association


Alumni News, UMBC Alumni Association


In 1986, UMBC commissioned alumna Paulette Raye ‘87, philosophy, to create a bronze-cast model of the Retriever for the school’s 20th anniversary. Raye worked in a studio at Towson University, using a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Nitty Gritty as her model. The 500-pound, life-size statue was unveiled on December 7, 1987, outside of the Field House, now the plaza between the Administration Building and the Retriever Activities Center. Its name, True Grit,” is actually the name of Nitty Gritty’s father. In an interview with UMBC Magazine, Raye said that she wasn’t exactly sure why the mascot received that name [True Grit instead of Nitty Gritty] … other than it sounded bold and strong—like the [school’s] team.”

This edition of the newsletter asked alumni to be a believer in our Retriever” and make donations toward the commissioned statue of UMBC’s mascot.


University Publications


Fall 1986


newsletters; 11 x 8.5 in.


UPUB A3-013



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