Governor's Youth Advisory Council Representatives


Governor's Youth Advisory Council Representatives


UMBC students John Ridgway and Denise K. Bennett were appointed to one-year terms on the Governor's Youth Advisory Council, a group established in 1972 by an executive order from Governor Marvin Mandel. The Council was intended to give young people a voice in state government at a time when their voices were heard by public officials mostly during demonstrations protesting against government actions. Among the issues considered by the Council in the 1970s were the problems of runaway youths and lowering of the age of majority from twenty-one to eighteen. Coordinated today by the Department of Employment and Social Services, the group holds at least four meetings per year and takes an interest in such topics such as state higher education tuition and health care for young people.


University Photographs


ca. 1977


gelatin silver prints; black-and-white photographs


UARC Photos-07-01-0015



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